“The Evolution of Digital Comics” (Guest Post)

The Evolution of Digital Comics” by Amy Boyd

One of the reasons why comic books remain popular is because of their appeal across ages. Not only do younger people appreciate these stories, but even older audiences as well. This is why even if comic books have already evolved over the years, they remain relevant.

These days, actual comic books are no longer that popular. You don’t see people flocking to magazine shops just to get the latest copy of a superhero story. This does not mean though that the culture is dead.

In fact, it is more alive than ever. The reason why it stays popular is because everything was brought to an entirely different platform. Digital comics or webtoons are now a big deal. They are a mix between reading from a real comic book and watching a video.

You are still reading the story, but you can see better images and you can also add sound effects. You need to scroll from one page to another just like how you to do it in a comic book. You can also read the content wherever you go, even if you don’t have Internet access.

The whole concept might seem like a step back from the idea of just sitting down and watching a video. However, a lot of people have become really interested with this concept and this paved the way for the popularity of webtoons.

In short, the comic book fever will remain for a very long time. Check out the infographic below and find out how digital comics were born.

The Evolution of Digital Comics

(Posted: Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 9 AM EST)

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  1. Editor’s comment: This reminds me a little bit of Danganronpa, which Reid Ewing has explored on his Twitter account. https://twitter.com/media_reid He says he is working on a graphic novel to be called “Applecore”. Maybe we’ll see a new genre of animated movies (there are plenty of “feature-length” Danganronpa videos on YouTube) — but the idea sounds like it would need something like $50 million investment to get off the ground in commercial entertainment film. The photo on the post is of my own dining room table after moving into a condo during retirement “downsizing”. But soon a fantasy toy train set will be set up, using space more creatively than in the house. There are plenty of puppet like “animation” characters in the display, like Hillary Clinton’s own “basket of deplorables”. The display will support my own screenplay called “Epiphany”, explained on another blog (“Bill’s media reviews”).

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