“Fire and Fury”, like the World has never seen, indeed

The other day, after reading a tweet and scanning an article about blogging from Australian entrepreneur Ramsay Taplan (“Blogtyrant”), I went back and looked at Heather Armstrong’s original mommy blog, “Dooce”, and notice her subtitle, “An Unfiltered Fire Hose of Flaming Condemnation”.

That could have made a good title (good enough to satisfy a grade school’s (“My Weekly Reader”) reading comprehension test question) for journalist Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”.  Of course, Wolff’s title is drawn from the threat that Donald Trump’s sudden threat from his Bedminster, NJ estate last summer against Fat Little Rocket Man – I’ll go get small wih Heather and big again with Milo Yiannopolous to shame the comic book villain and note that the adjective “Little” applies to more than one thing – and I understand Trump (“President Poopiepants” according to one Facebook friend not to far from Mar a Lago) has quote Milo’s fat-shaming in describing Kim, while being called a dotard himself.  Never mind, a single tweet with an insult against the God King (or a blog posting like this) might start nuclear war, just like it started the Sony Hack in 2014 (Kim couldn’t stand Seth Rogen and James Franco movies).

Wolff mentions Milo at least twice, in close proximity to discussions of Richard Spencer. And then, Wolff doesn’t spend much space on how grave the DPRK problem could become for Americans in the continental US (nukes and even EMP, as I’ve discussed elsewhere).  Instead, Wolff notes that almost the next day, Richard Spencer started his event in Charlottesville, VA leading to violence in which one protester would be run over by a young man from Ohio apparently one of the Nazi supporters.

Then there is the issue that Trump refused to condemn Spencer’s crowd more than Antifa.  Nevermind that throughout most of my own upbringing, Communism was now the big boogeyman.

Wolff opens his book, almost, on Election Day.  Everybody expected to lose, including Kellyanne Conway. In fact, everyone wanted to. What a boost for global business, to lose to Crooked Hillary.

By 8 PM, though, it was already appearing Trump could win.  Hillary was in trouble from the get-go.

The star character, of course is Steve Bannon, that is, Trump’s Brain.  (Remember the horror movie “Donovan’s Brain”?)  Wolff talks about his unkempt appearance, his swollen (and presumably balding) legs.  Bannon had a one bedroom apartment in Arlington filled with books, and the way Wolff describes it, it is pretty much like my condo now.

Bannon had, at one time, argued not only for autarky but for a nativist worker’s party.  It could be like the 1930s.  Is that what we wanted?  Bannon does believe that families should take care of themselves.

Jared Kushner manages to escaped somewhat unscathed from the fire hose, because he’s slender and cute;  Milo would approve of him.

For all the humiliating  accounts of Trump’s crudeness around the staff, and the constant firings (Comey, Scaramucci, finally Bannon himself). The staff doesn’t seem to respect him.  It’s hard to see what Trump wants, or any of his staffers want. Okay, they can expropriate from the elites and put off a day of reckoning on climate change to protect their white proletarian base.  Sure, it would be fun to get invited to party at Mar a Lago (surely one of Kim’s targets for his H-15 if it ever is deployable). There really seems to be no ideology other than just having power for its own sake, for a while, until maybe it is taken away from you.

I ordered this book from Amazon, in hardcover, the day Trump’s lawyers sued to block publication, but Henry Holt could print the copies fast enough.  It took about ten days to arrive. Is this book more “Do Ask Do Tell” or is it just “Dangeorus”?  Milo should have published this, just for the money.

Author: Michael Wolff
Title, Subtitle: Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House
publication date 2017
ISBN ISBN 978-125-01-5806-2
Publication: Henry Holt, 322 pages, hardcover (and ebook), 22 chapters, indexed
Link: MacMillan

(Posted: Sunday, February 4, 2018, at 10 PM EST during the Super Bowl, as the Eagles take the lead 38-33 on a close touchdown.)

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