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I do get emails offering free samples of independent films and many self-published books. No one person could possibly “consume” and review them all, even when “It’s free, it’s free”.

So, yes, I can accept submissions to review media items that I haven’t covered.

The best items would be books (including self-published, as with CreateSpace or similar packages) that I haven’t had time to read, or films that I am less likely to see.

I tend to get to most of the “grownup” indie movies (especially in the LGBT and free speech or technology, or environmental areas, especially documentaries).  Some of them I see in festivals or get sent Vimeo screeners   I’m less likely to have seen kids’ movies, “cash cow” comedies (whether including Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill or not – all in the interest of free speech), so reviews by others might be a good thing.  I do see some of the comic book 3-D movies but not all (the X-men series seems better – even Anderson Cooper likes them). I usually see the big sci-fi epics (“Star Wars” and “Star Trek”).  On fantasy (outside of Tolkien), not so much, although I’m intrigued by rumors that Clive Barker’s “Imajica” will get made (as well as Arhtur C. Clarke’s “Rama”).  You get the drift.  If someone has comments on “Game of Thrones” or similar, go for it (I don’t have time to follow the shoe).

I will follow very few television series when they are compelling enough (like ‘The Event”, “Flash Forward”, and American Crime”, and, of course, “Childhood’s End”).  Manga (like Danganronpa) would be a possibility, if someone knows it.

I’m not a gamer, but someone else could review games (even Pokemon). After all, games create their own parallel universes.

A good idea would be a stage show in another city, where I’m not likely to see it.  For example, I stumbled into seeing an unusual drag show on a Sunday night in Charlotte, NC in 2013.

Right now, I don’t pay for submissions, nor to I host “paid content”.  I have not placed ads on the blog yet, but may do so later.

I also don’t yet have the ability to let other users sign on as additional bloggers.  Because of the effectiveness of social media (especially Facebook) that practice is not as popular as it was ten years ago,

At this time, there are two ways to make a submission  And please include a statement of copyright permission either way.

(1)  Submit the article as a comment (preferred).  Comments are ,monitored (by Akismet). At the end of the comment, state that you would like to have it published as an article instead of as a comment.

(2) Submit two emails.  The first should have the article in the body of the email, without attachments.  The second email can have the article and any photos as attachments.  All attachments will be separately downloaded and scanned for malware separately before being opened.   Emails go to JBoushka at

Reviews can be submitted in (most) foreign languages, as long as accompanied by English translation or as long as WordPress or Google can translate them.

You can also contact me on Twitter and Facebook.   Phone and mailing address are at the “Contact Us” link.

(Posted: Thursday, July 14, 2016 at 2 PM EDT)